Carol Vorderman helps kids combat summer dip

The Maths Factor are here to help combat summer affecting your child’s learning with their Summer Clubs.

We parents, are all too familiar with the long summer break impacting our children’s learning development. Numerous studies have shown that children lose English and Maths learning over the summer holidays, up to 2.6 months. This effect nicknamed the “summer dip” is said to increase with each school year.

Carol says: “The loss of maths learning for children over the summer break is a huge problem for children and teachers. Children will practise their English skills over the holidays without even realising it, simply by reading a book. However, with Maths there is far less opportunity to practice. So by September, many children will have reverted to the attainment they had back at Easter, instead of progressing forward.”

In response to this, Carol created Summer Clubs, which launched a few years ago and proved to be very popular. There are seven Summer Clubs, starting with Hedgehogs Clubs for age 5-6, and Deer Club and Otters Club and many more for other ages, all set within an animated woodland camp and a Carol avatar is their guide.

Carol says: “This is the best time for children to forge ahead with 10 – 15 minutes of fun practice a day, when they have little added pressure from anything else. We made these internet Summer Clubs absolutely beautiful to complete, with animations and interactive games, video lessons and virtual badges to collect.”

Child just finished Year 6?

The learning loss over the summer can also increase during the transition from Primary to Secondary school. It is estimated that 30% of students make no gain in their level score, one year after the change. For maths in particular, there is a 30% dip in learning from Year 6 to Year 7.

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