Celebrity kids should be allowed to be children, too

If there's one thing that makes me really angry at the moment (OK, it's one of many!) it's the thought of celebrities' children being turned into fashion 'icons'.

Right now, there's a lot of attention focused on little Suri Cruise, who reportedly has a 'million dollar wardrobe' , (including, bizarrely, shoes with big heels).

Suri Cruise is three.

Of course little girls (and some boys) often become interested in clothes at an early age. They become fussy about what they will/won't wear (I know a little boy who insisted on wearing his wellies to bed and a little girl who likes to wear party dresses everywhere, even playgroup). And you cut your measure according to your cloth, as the saying goes, so if you can afford to spoil your kids, it's hard to resist the temptation not to.

But spending such an obscene amount of money on a wardrobe for a toddler is crazy. The most important thing about children's clothes, as most parents know, is that they should be PRACTICAL. And I feel really uncomfortable with the idea of 'fashionising' children, celeb or otherwise. The other day someone asked me if I'd take part in a 'who's the best dressed celebrity child?' poll. My answer? A big fat NO.

Let me know what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis