Is your child safe watching movies in the car?

Have you considered whether your child may be at risk in the car if they are holding a computer tablet? In the event of a crash, what happens to the device in their hands? Is your child safe watching movies in the car?

We’ve all been there – the long car journey; the kids moaning, complaining, crying and maybe even screaming; the snacks have run out or they just don’t want to eat the ones you brought for the journey…so you resort to the audio visual nanny (computer tablet playing a movie) that is guaranteed to buy a bit of peace and quiet…But how can you ensure your child is safe watching movies in the car? Luckily, Nextbase (the UK’s leading manufacturer of dashboard cameras), have just launched the UniMount – the world’s safest in-car mounting system for tablets, designed to the strict European ECE R17 safety standards.

Keep your child safe watching movies in the car

Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, commented: “As a parent myself, it made no sense that you could spend hundreds of pounds ensuring your car is a safe environment for your children, only to go and hand them a tablet made of glass and metal to hold in front of their face. It may seem obvious, but most parents simply aren’t aware of the implications of having a loose tablet in a fast moving vehicle.” Protect your child today – Nextbase Unimount – available exclusively at Halfords – double KidStart savings for a limited period only!

Enjoy long car journeys with kids

Nextbase have also thought about the practical need to keep your tablet powered for long journeys in the car. The mount connects to the head rest of the front seat and charges the tablet via a USB 2.0 power connection to your vehicle’s cigarette port ensuring your tablet will never run out of battery – allowing you to easily and safely let your passengers enjoy movies on the move. The Nextbase UniMount is compatible with virtually all 7″ to 11″ tablets (iPad mini, air and 1-4, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more). The mount is also flexible and can rotate to up to a 30-degree angle, ensuring users of all heights can comfortably view their tablet. Nextbase Unimount – available exclusively at Halfords – buy online and get double KidStart savings for a limited time – protect your child today and save.

How does the uniMount work?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, both the Nextbase mount and any tablet attached, remain securely fastened to and move with the front seat. This prevents either from coming loose and injuring the passenger behind. As it is locked firmly in place your tablet is also fully protected from being damaged during the accident. “The UniMount marks an important step forward in the rear-seat entertainment industry. As with any product that is going to be used largely by children, safety is of the utmost importance. Parents can now feel confident that in an accident situation, their child will not be harmed by the movement of an unstable mount.” Protect your children today – The Nextbase UniMount is available exclusively to buy at Halfords (4% KidStart savings) Video demonstration of the Nextbase UniMount:

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