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Q: We recently moved into a house with a pond in the garden. Our two little girls aged 3 and 2 love playing in the garden but of course I'm terrified they'll jump into the pond if I take my eyes off them for more than a second. Everyone keeps telling me I should have it filled in, but I can't help feeling it will be nice to have in years to come. Can you tell me the best way to make it secure, or do you think I should fill it in?

Answer from Child Alert:

Your garden sounds idyllic for small children and a lovely way to introduce them to pond life. So I definitely think you should keep the pond in your garden. However you are quite right to be cautious and to take great care when they are playing outdoors. You must talk and explain to your children the potential dangers that surround water without causing them to be paranoid or concerned. Part of childproofing and child safety is to encourage children to begin to think for themselves and to realize the possible harm that could occur if they are not careful.
Having said all that it is important to ensure your children do not fall into this pond when your back is turned or your attention is distracted. It will give you peace of mind to have the pond fenced off in the short term. This can be done with a picket style fence or indeed just a netting surround – or barrier netting to stop entrance except with an adult. The other alternative is to have the actual pond netted or have a metal mesh fitted just below the water line so it doesn’t spoil the look. 

Making ponds safe for children    It is difficult to advise without seeing the layout and size of your garden which is why Childalert offer a unique childproofing service where we will visit your home and provide childproofing advice both inside and outside of your home.

But remember, childproofing is never a substitute for being attentive and on your guard where young children and water are concerned. (

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