Child Safety – We Need Your Views

What are your views on child safety? Are you a parent that sees danger at every turn? Someone who’s afraid your child will get snatched/hurt and injured wherever they are? Or do you feel that the world has gone health and safety mad? Whatever your take we are looking for your views on the whole issue. For instance, are you worried that your level of caution is hindering your child’s ability to explore? Do stories in the media make you more or less afraid? Or are you laid back to the point that other parents comment on your parenting? Does living in a more rural area make you less fearful or do you feel city life boosts your child’s street awareness? With some studies saying over protection can leave children ill-equipped to deal with life on their own, and other studies highlighting the dangers when parents don’t pay attention, child safety is a confusing and emotive area. Personally I think it’s all about balance. Having been brought up by very risk adverse parents who saw danger all the time I was a fearful child very afraid of getting hurt. As a result I didn’t learn to swim, ride a bike, go down a slide or climb a tree until I was an adult for fear that I would be injured. As an adult I yearn constantly to do exciting things and over the years I have abseiled, kayaked and gone snorkeling even though the anxiety of getting hurt is still with me. Ironically I married a man who had the opposite upbringing – being allowed to be a daredevil in nearly every situation (and he still has the scars to prove it)! As parents we’re trying to strike a balance. I try to restrain my ‘health and safety’ pull and he holds back on his go-for-it zest for life, so that together we hopefully end up with two kids who aren’t afraid to make and take calculated risks in life. But what’s your take. Let us know.