Getting the most out of KidStart on your Black Friday and Christmas shopping

With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner it’s the perfect time to get into the habit of using KidStart and double the feel good factor with gifting and saving for your kids.

The average UK family spent £476 on Christmas gifts in 2020 according to research done by This doesn’t include money spent on food, new furniture, travel and utilities around this time of the year too. With the opportunity to earn up to 20% back from over 2,300 retailers with KidStart, there’s a chance to earn lots of free money to boost your children’s savings on your Christmas shopping.

We’ve rounded up our top tips get the most out of KidStart this year to turn your shopping into savings for your children:

Subscribe to our emails

If you’re not signed up already, you can do so in the My Profile section under Manage Account on KidStart. We send regular emails featuring the latest offers, increased savings and news from our retailers.

Use the app

If you do your Christmas shopping using your phone then download the KidStart app. It’s free to use and makes it easier to remember to click out from before you make a purchase as you’ll see it on your phone home screen.

Install the Savings Prompt

If you do your Christmas shopping using your laptop or PC then install Savings Prompt. This free tool will remind you when you’re on a retailer that you can earn Kidstart Savings with.

Invite and refer

Get family and friends involved too! For those that want to help you save for your kids send them an invite and their money back will top up your children’s accounts. If friends want to use KidStart then refer them and you’ll get a free £5 top up when they save £5 – something that shouldn’t take too long if they use KidStart for their Christmas shopping.

Save your change with Beanstalk

Another way to save on your shopping is to use the Round Ups tool on our app Beanstalk. Beanstalk is a revolutionary app that makes saving for yourself and your children simple. The tool lets you round up your purchases and save the change. Find out more about Beanstalk here. Capital at risk.

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Keep an eye on our hubs and homepage

Check our homepage, Christmas category and hubs on KidStart, this is where we signpost many of our offers and increased savings from retailers. You can find our John Lewis Hub here, TUI Hub here and Sainsbury’s Hub here.

We’re excited to help you save for your kids this Christmas!