Christmas Toy Must-Have: Micro Mini Seat And Scooter

As you know we love a good bargain and a deal on Living With Kids, which is why I love the new invention by the people behind the Mini Micro. If you’re unsure what this is, then either your kids are too big or you haven’t yet been run over by a pre-schooler flying around on his plastic three-wheeled scooter! The popularity of these scooters, as any discerning child over two years of age knows is huge. It’s just one reason why sales of the pink or blue Mini Micro have sailed way past half a million in the UK and one reason why small children everywhere will be begging for one for Christmas. The good news is if you’re economizing, and already have an existing Mini Micro outgrown by an older child you can now adapt it for a younger child with the new Mini Micro Seat. The Micro-Mini Toddler Seat This clever design is a safe and sturdy seat that clips into a Mini Micro scooter allowing smaller children to learn to scoot with ease. The seat is attached to a sturdy plastic stem featuring a rounded handle, which is then locked into a Mini Micro three-wheeled deck. As your child becomes steadier, the seat can be removed to create their first scooter. When they are ready to pick up the pace, the plastic stem is simply swapped for a traditional Mini Micro T-bar and away they’ll go. As far as Christmas presents go it is fantastic value because Micro Scooters UK are selling the seat and stem separately. The seat and stem is just £29.95 or you can buy the Mini Micro Complete Scooter Package which comprises a three-wheeled scooter, the seat and stem together with a traditional T-bar for £74.95. Either way it’s a bargain, as the scooter will last from the age of 18 months to 5 years (and beyond if your child is anything like my one)! The seat and stem or the scooter package are available to pre-order now with delivery by 5th December.