Christmas trees – how do you like to decorate yours?

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I’ve never really collected anything,  apart from shoes *ahem* but Christmas tree decorations are my thing. I like to buy them wherever we go on holiday, to remind us of where we’ve been (and where we’d like to return). Sometimes I go for themes – last year it was all white, for example, and this year I'm planning red, blue and white. We have some child-made ones too, of course; but I also love looking for new decorations.

So I’ve been perusing online and here are some of my favourites:

 Incredibly cute baby baubles, £12, Great Little Trading Company



 Shimmering beaded snowflake, £5, Graham & Green

Elegant mini glass baubles, £15, The White Company


 Vintage-style Rose baubles, £15, Cath Kidston

Which ones do you like best – and how do you decorate your tree? I’d love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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5 Responses to Christmas trees – how do you like to decorate yours?

  1. English Mum says:

    I love the Cath Kidston ones. I like pretty things and colour co-ordination. We always have big battles with the tree because I hate tinsel, but the fellas go for the ‘stuffing every single decoration we own onto the tree’ form of decorating.

  2. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    i love the glass ones they look cool! we decorate ours with the usual baubles but each year we each make a special ball …and every year we have more that we have handmade. last year we made clay ones and painted them they look brill and its something to remember each christmas by

  3. Lorraine The Party Times says:

    I love the White Stuff Christmas decs

  4. Lorraine The Party Times says:

    sorry meant The White Company…guess where I have just been shopping online!

  5. Jules says:

    I like to the beaded stars. I add more decorations to my tree every year so at some point it will fall over with the weight! We always have to put my 4 year old sons glass decorations on, from his first christmas, and his mini knitted snowmen or mummy will be in trouble!


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