Clarks new Back to School collection will help all little feet stay on trend in the playground

As we crawled across the finish line of the past school year, my youngest daughter’s school shoes finally gave up like a pair of defeated marathon runners.

For a whole year, those shoes went through rain, snow, mud, pavement chewing gum, school trips to the countryside, velcro on/velcro off in endless changes between uniform and PE kit and, most challenging of all, being dragged along the ground as my daughter used her feet to brake on her scooter during the school run. Scuffed, broken and with a cavernous hole in the sole, last year’s school shoes finally quit.

Next year, I want things to be different.

I’ve been researching the next pair of school foot homes for my girl, and have decided that our Back to School shopping plans will definitely include a trip to Clarks Kids.


Well, Clarks have 180 years of experience in fitting and making shoes for children. All their measuring staff seem to have been plucked from a special place where they hand out endless patience and expert knowledge and I completely trust them to find the perfect fit for my daughter. I will be booking our one-to-one measuring appointment with a Clarks professional at my local store here. Then there’s the fact that Clarks Kids have a great range on offer in terms of price, style, colour and size (including half sizes) and all width fittings for both boys and girls. As my daughter has extra wide feet (I have no idea where she gets this from) Clarks will save me endless painful hours of trekking around London in search of size H shoes.  We already have our eye on a pair of these Dance Flowers which are practical, stylish and affordable. What I love most about Clarks, is that their shoes are incredibly durable making them great value for money. Each shoe goes through 50 wear and tear tests covering every part of the design including materials, laces and fastenings. I look forward to my daughter putting her pair of Clarks to the ‘scooter brake test’ come September.

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