Concord Ultimax Car Seat – product review

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Rating:  4/5 



"A bit heavy and fiddly to fit – but once my husband put it in it felt really secure and offered serious protection. A big bonus is that your child can use it from 0 to four and that it can be both forward and rear facing – so no need to buy another car seat until they're older. My two-year old seemed to think it was comfy enough that he didn't want to get out, plus when he nodded off it was easy to put the seat in a reclining position without disturbing him.

The chair is well padded and the fabric is soft, plus I love that the seat cover is easy to remove for washing. As car seats go, this one certainly is value for money and offers a high level of protection – which is all you really need."

Anastasia Fraser-Robinson, 39, London      

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