Corrie’s Sally is an inspiration

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The only Coronation Street storyline which has held my interest recently has been the one concerning Sally Webster’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Recently, in a cruel example of life imitating art, the actress who plays her, Sally Whittaker, revealed that she herself has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sally, 47, is a real life mum (of three) and personally I think it’s brilliant she’s decided to speak out about her diagnosis and treatment.

In her interview with Kate Garraway on GMTV this morning she gave a detailed account of how she discovered a lump and went to get it check out. If you haven't seen it it’s definitely worth watching:

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to Corrie’s Sally is an inspiration

  1. YummyNo1 says:

    I just saw her on the news at lunchtime too. I don’t actually watch Coronation Street so I had no idea about the storyline but wow, how amazing she is to speak out like she is x

  2. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Talk about life imitating art! How bizarre. I don’t watch Corrie but I was aware of this storyline. I’m not sure that she needs to be commended for telling her personal story though…it is of course, brilliant that she’s sharing as it may make the difference for some women taking the step they need to. It reminds me that I do need to make an appointment for a Well-Woman Check. Thanks Liz…very important!

  3. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I heard about this I think yesterday from somewhere and began to admire her tremendously. I’ve also noticed that she hasn’t been in the program for a while and did wonder why. Thanks for this post, very informative and very interesting. CJ xx


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