Could You Be A Living With Kids Reviewer?

Hands up if you read product reviews before you buy? I’m a fanatical about it, reading the ones on Amazon just for the sake of it (I know, I know I need a life), and definitely scouring reviews on everything from kitchen equipment to clothes, toys and books before I buy anything. It’s one of the reasons why I rate online shopping over high street shopping. Reviews give you a very clear view of something before you hand over your hard earned cash and as it’s not coming from an interested party it tends to be a pretty honest view.

Is this the best teething toy ever?

Of course, you have to find reviews you can trust. Reading ones recently on a gadget site I realised that it was pointless reading the reviews of X Box over Wii as most of the reviews came from teenage boys eager to play Call Of Duty. Which is why I totally trust the reviewers on Marks and Spencer, and Amazon. Not only are these reviewers measured, and amusing, but they also tend to be parents shopping for a good deal like me. Reading their reviews not only saves me time and money but has also stopped most of my online shopping rage (online shopping rage = products arriving that in no way resembles what I was viewing online). However, my all time favourite site for reviews is Boden. On this site not only do the reviewers tell you what a product is like from the material to the make, they also tell you their size and shape, so you can get a clear idea of whether the review is any use to you or not. Which leads me nicely to the Living With Kids Product Reviews Page. We’re planning on creating a new reviews page for parents, covering everything from necessities such as highchairs and teething toys to beauty products, new foods, toys and household gadgets, and we need YOU to help us. If you think you could be a LWK reviewer and help give other parents your views on a product related to family life we’d love to hear from you. All you have to do is comment below or drop me a line at [email protected], telling me how old your kids, how we can get in touch with you, areas of interest and bingo – you can be one of our reviewers.