Could you save a fiver a week for your kids?

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As my (electronic) bank manager will tell you, saving has never been one of my strong points. But when you have children you do have to think about the future. The Child Trust Fund helps with that, of course. And someone told me the other day that if you could save just an extra £5 a week for a child, that works out as £260 by the end of the year – and within 10 years that would be £2600, which, let's face it, would come in very handy when they started university, and a fiver isn't much, is it?

So, what would you give up to save £5 a week for your child? Let me know!

written by Liz Jarvis


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5 Responses to Could you save a fiver a week for your kids?

  1. Bev says:

    Miss out those crisps and unhealthy snacks and that should cover it , or that glass of wine or those couple of lattes (but need some relaxing me time surely), or how about walking more and not using the car or the bus? 0h to be the perfect mother. But yes, I do same for them each month, and it goes straight from the bank so I can’t get my hands on it first! And what is saved will be for education – no cars at 17 in this house!! x

  2. jane says:

    i could probably give up alot – no more coffees when ever I am out; no more OK or hello mags; make my own sandwiches to go to work with; less text messages sent ….. …. but i guess some people will find this harder – sometimes a fiver goes a long way ! one great way would be not to allow yourself to break into the £5 note – it always seems easier to spend the coins.

  3. A Modern Mother says:

    Ha! Not one of my strong points either but very important.

  4. rachel says:

    probably a bottle of wine – but you’d have to come round personally once a week and get me to take it out of my purse and hand it over!

  5. Chris says:

    I like Jane’s idea – never break a £5 note – simply stuff them away whenever you get one. It would probably work out to more than £5 a week!


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