Could you stay friends with your ex for the sake of your kids?

EastEnders has been a bit dullsville lately, but one of the funniest storylines has to be Rickaay sharing a house with both his ex-wives – Bianca and Sam.

For most of us, that's probably several Jeremy Kyle steps too far. (I know two children who grew up in the same house as their mother, their former stepfather and his new partner. The adults were all 'free spirits' so it was considered acceptable, but I don't think the kids felt the same way and there was definitely some emotional damage there.)

Anyway, it got me thinking. How friendly are you with your ex? I know one mum whose ex refuses to speak to her when he comes to pick up the kids – just stands on the doorstep waiting, as though he's there to pick up a delivery (even though he left her. Guilt, and not good for the children to see.) I know another who regularly invites her ex over for dinner so they can interact as a family unit. I know one dad who was devastated when his ex became pregnant by her new partner. And another mum who hopes she and her ex will get back together, some day.

The most important thing, I guess, is whether they're good fathers, and if they are then you'll want them to stay involved in your children's lives and that means being civil to them at all times, however much you may curse them behind their back. But I think that if the lines start to become too blurred it can be confusing for everyone, particularly the kids, who will secretly hope that Mummy or Daddy may move back for good. And obviously if they're in any way abusive to you (or the children), then it's a very different issue.

I'd love to know what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis