Craft ideas to keep the kids entertained during Half Term

Looking for fun things to do with the kids this half term? Get crafty – arts and crafts is a great way to keep them busy and get their imaginations whirring.

Half term is upon us again, so it’s a good time to stock up on pens, paper, paints and other bits and pieces for an arty-crafty week with the kids. We’ve put together our top five children’s arts and crafts so you can get creative!

Make your own minion

If your kids are fans of Despicable Me, why not make your own minions? These characters are so cute and adorable, and you can create your own characters just by recycling a bit of scrap from your home.  See how to make them here. You will need: minion
  • – A pencil
  • – A used aluminium foil roll
  • – Sheets of newspaper
  • – Craft Glue
  • – Water
  • – Paints
  • – M-seal / milliput
  • – Toothpicks / disposable chopsticks
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Make your own lightsaber

lightWho hasn’t wanted their own lightsaber at some point? Follow these simple instructions and the Force will be with you. You’ll just need:
  • – A torch with batteries
  • – Some cellophane, white paper and sellotape.
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Wine cork boats

cork boatsYou’ll never throw away wine corks again! These boats are so easy to do and your kids will have lots of fun caring them on streams – or even the bath! To make them you’ll need:
  • – wine corks
  • – Cellotape (pick nice colours!)
  • – Toothsticks
  • – Low temperature hot glue gun
  • – A Nail
  • – A hammer
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Make a homemade kite

It’s surprisingly simple to make and just a few items are needed! Here’s what you’ll need:
  • – A plastic bag, the heavier the better – the ones used for garden rubish are great.
  • – Electrical tape.
  • – Two lengths of thin hardwood dowel.
  • – Some knitting yarn or strong synthetic thread, such as a fishing line.
  • – A piece of wood or cardboard for the winder.
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Make a plane

planeGreat fun for everyone, both while making the planes and playing with them! You’ll need just 4 items. See how to make them here.
  • – 3 craft sticks
  • – 1 clothespeg
  • – Paint
  • – Glue
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Lightsaver photo: