Create your own Easter egg bunny this year

Use this simple step by step guide to make a super cute Easter egg bunny with your little ones…

What you will need:

  • – 1 hard-boiled egg – Yellow and white felt – PVA glue – Felt tips pens in yellow, orange and black

Here’s how to make it:

  • – Take a freshly cooked and cooled hard-boiled egg. – Cut shapes for the bunny’s feet and hands out of the yellow felt; then cut larger ears shapes out of yellow felt and smaller ones from the white. – Stick the feet on the base of the egg, making sure the egg can stand upright on them. – Stick the white ears onto the yellow and when they have dried a little, stick them on to the rear of where the face will be. – Finally, draw a rabbit’s face on the front of the egg with the pens and decorate with patterns as your child likes.
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