Dear food diary…

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Yesterday my friend Vicki was bemoaning the fact that despite dieting for a week, she's actually put on 2Ib. 'And I've given up wine,' she wailed.

I totally sympathise, because I've been on a diet all summer. It's called the 'Eat What You Like and Don't Think About the Consequences' diet (you won't find it on the bookshelves), and has involved copious quantities of ice-cream, chocolate buttons and cheese.

Of course I know that the formula for successful dieting is do more + eat less = lose weight, but I'm definitely a Comfort Eater – and let's face it, after the summer I've had, I needed some serious treating.

But now things have settled down, it's time to do the 'D' word again, not just because I'll feel better, less bloated and have more energy and confidence, but also because I'd really like to be able to wear something gorgeous at Christmas and New Year (ie, not a tent).

Dieting alone is fine if you have tons of willpower, and what definitely works is keeping a food 'diary' so you can't lie to yourself about what you've eaten. But if you need a little more support and none of your friends are in the same boat than a slimming club might be the answer. For me what's always worked is Weight Watchers. (And they have a special offer on for KidStart members at the moment – £10 back for your kids on new memberships. So you can feel good in more ways than one.)

If you're on a diet at the moment, or you have any dieting tips you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!

written by Liz Jarvis


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4 Responses to Dear food diary…

  1. Sam says:

    I’m a DD when it comes to losing weight: Diet Disaster. Over the years I have tried diet after diet and every time I go flying into it, lose loads of weight – then put it all back on and more. The result? I’m even bigger than I was when I was pregnant with my children. I really think I am a no-hoper in the diet sense. I just can’t seem to stop myself and I have to say that if there’s one thing that really gets me down is catching sight of my reflection – I have no mirrors in my house but just passing a shop window can often throw me into a state of miserable comfort eating – where’s the sense in that?

  2. New Mummy says:

    WW works for me too, before I fell pregnant I lost a stone and a half. Really should start again!

  3. Andrea says:

    Me and OH were doing GMTV’s bikini diet. It was really easy and worked especially when we detoxed for two days although that was almost unbearable! I’ve now concluded that so long as I exercise regularly I can more or less eat what I like.

  4. Beatrice says:

    The diet that works: no pasta, no potatoes, no bread. Lean meat, lots of vegetables and some fruit. It’s pretty much the like South Beach Diet, although it should be a way of life and not just a diet. Basically eliminate all starchy carbohydrates, sugars and other processed food and the pounds will drop off, I promise. I lost 1.5 stones, DH 2 stones and haven’t put it back on. A bit of regular exercise is important but you don’t have to go mad with it.


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