Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like…

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Even with the postal strike, there's one letter that's guaranteed to get through and that's the one that begins 'Dear Santa', 'Dear Father Christmas' or (if they've already cottoned on) 'Dear Mum and Dad'.

It is, essentially, a list of presents and it takes your offspring a while to compose (bonus, at least they're quiet). And it usually arrives approximately 8 weeks before Christmas.

I've kept all our letters – including the one asking for 'Playmobile' and a 'Lego City Fier Servise', 'money for the poor' and 'books for children' (bless). And what we've discovered is that as the child gets bigger, the list gets smaller – but more expensive.

If you've received your letter (s) yet, chances are they'll contain at least some of this year's top toys. It may seem a little early (we haven't even had Bonfire Night yet!) but getting started now is, I think, the best way to spread the cost. 

The good news is you can get great savings on ALL the top 12 toys simply by shopping through KidStart, including the VTech Kidizoom and the Go Go Pets Hamsters. You can view all the fab toys and gift ideas in the Dream Toys for 2009 here.

written by Liz Jarvis


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2 Responses to Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like…

  1. sharon says:

    when after the 60th advert was followed with "I’d like THAT!" – I told the 3-year old he’d need to be a bit more selective… he replied "Oh well just the hovercraft then", Only problem being "What hovercraft?" I suppose I need to learn some Mum-Santa-Small Boy communication tips to find out what on earth he is now expecting?

  2. A Modern Mother says:

    Yes, got the letter(s) ALREADY. A Wii is on top of the list. We might give in.


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