Dear ‘Santa’, this Christmas I’d really like a new laptop…

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For someone who spends so much of their time working on a laptop, you’d think I’d have a super duper sleek state of the art model.

Ah, sadly not. While it’s reasonably reliable, my laptop is clunky, it has a battery that was recalled and replaced (by the manufacturers) because of problems with overheating, and some of the keys are wearing out.

So I’ve been perusing the laptops at Argos and here's my current shortlist:


 Samsung netbook (£349.99)

 Sony Vaio (£499.99)



 Dell Inspiron (£449.99)

And the good news is that as part of KidStart’s Christmas offers, you can get increased KidStart savings on laptops and computers at Argos until November 18.

Man of the House, that’s a big fat HINT.

written by Liz Jarvis


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4 Responses to Dear ‘Santa’, this Christmas I’d really like a new laptop…

  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    Oh don’t tempt me. My old gal has been recently fixed and sorted so is working fine now but I really would love a new one! I’m trialling one and reviewing it on C&C from Nokia, a 3G Booklet (netbook) and love it but can’t really justify getting it when mine is now working fine but I really do WANT one 🙂 The Samsung netbook above looks suitably fantastic too! (Bad influence!). I hope Santa is listening!!

  2. Katie Levett-Allen says:

    I’ve just purchased a Sony Vaio (pink and lovely) which I am really pleased with! It’s really quick and I can do lots of things at the same time, something my old and not-very-trusty couldn’t cope with! Good luck – you know you NEED one!

  3. Maria @verybusymama says:

    I need one! Its on my list for Santa. Been without one for almost a year and sharing a laptop with the husband is not fun!

  4. Baby Genie says:

    I crossed a Macbook off my list until I become of the slightly more affluent category and went for an Acer, it’s amazing (although you have to be careful with the screen, I learnt the hard way). It was under £450 I think, and has everything, wide screen, light, 4GB memory, duel processor etc. Sure Argos do them.


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