Do You Believe in Psychics?

Hands up if you believe in psychics? I’m only asking because a pregnant friend just told me she paid a psychic £75 to tell her that she was having a girl. The fact that her 20-week scan is next week will give her a free and more accurate indication didn’t seem to bother her. I know many many people believe in psychics and there is a huge market for fortune telling as seen by the amount of books on sale, and the amount of people I know who pay money to them. However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I remember a woman on the train annoying me hugely, firstly by putting her hands on my bump without asking, and secondly by telling me I was definitely going to have a boy. When I politely said ‘How can you tell?” she very proudly said she was a psychic and then spent the next ten minutes giving me unwanted predictions which were all wrong by the way. I am a relatively practical kind of person so I wasn’t thrown by her information, but had I been having a hormonal moment I am sure I would have cried right there and then by some of the things she said. So I am a bit alarmed that my friend not only went to see a psychic but also let this woman tell her lots of things about her unborn baby such as what the baby wants to be called, what ‘she’s’ going to be when she grows up and how ‘she’ will be very wilful and need a lot of telling off. My friend has laughed most of it off but I am seriously hoping when her hormones right themselves she won’t take the psychic’s advice in any way whatsoever especially over the name. It makes me so angry that people can take advantage of others in this way and say these ridiculous kind of things under the guise of ‘knowing’. But what are your thoughts? Would you see a psychic? Did anyone ‘predict’ what you were having? Let me know.