Do You Dress Like A Wife?

I love a good celebrity quote to rant over and this week’s favourite is Kate Moss (looking super gorgeous as ever in her Rimmel ad below), who declared she’d never dress “like a wife” and her husband would be appalled if she did. Aside from the fact I am guessing that Kate (1) gets 95% of her clothes free and (2) doesn’t have to do the regular things other wives do such as school runs, cleaning and cooking, since when did the word ‘wife’ equal unfashionable and style-free. Thinking of the many of the wives (and I’m including anyone who’s attached here) I know, aside from the fact none are frumpy, most dress in a variety of different ways that reflect who they are, not who they are with or whether they are married. Is Kate perhaps suggesting that women stop trying to look good when they become ‘wives’ or is she just being smug that she has time to be fashionable when most of us don’t? I don’t know about you but when I said ‘I do’ I didn’t change my fashion sense over night from Topshop to Stepford wife? And while I would LOVE more time to be more fashionable and shop more, personally I think despite finances and time issues I still look like me, not the faceless ‘wife’ that Kate is suggesting. But what are your thoughts? Did you radically change your clothes when you got hitched – let me know?