Do You Hate This Woman For Being Pretty?

Do women hate each other for being beautiful as the papers would currently have us believe? I don’t think they do but the Samantha Brick story in last week’s Daily Mail certainly got many people’s backs up. If you missed it, the piece by Samantha was entitled  “Why Women Hate Me For Being Pretty“. Needless to say it caused a worldwide internet storm with 1.5 million hits on the Daily Mail website and thousands hurling abuse at the writer online and tweeting that she was ‘ugly’. Whatever you think of the article and author (and personally I’m surprised she’s surprised by what’s happened to her) the level of abuse being thrown at this woman is out of whack to her ‘crime’. Though she may be over estimating her view of herself, she is entitled to believe what she wants even if we disagree. Reading her piece again I don’t think the same storm would have happened if she had been a man boasting about his looks or if she had been more humble about what she was saying. But what’s really horrible about this article is how vicious much of the internet comment has been about her (try reading some of the comments under her piece). Her piece has incurred a huge amount of online rage mostly from other women, who have attacked her with some pretty vile gusto. I would like to think most of us aren’t made this angry by silly women like this. So it makes me wonder why some of us felt such outrage. But what do you think? Does Samantha Brick deserve the response she’s received? Let me know your thoughts.