Do You Love Or Hate Valentine’s Day?

I’m not the romantic type at all, which is why before I had kids I wasn’t one for Valentine’s Day in any way whatsoever. Mostly Valentine’s Day made me feel depressed. Either because I was single and thereby not part of the mass induced hysteria, or with someone who was either completely OTT about it (not good when you’re not a romantic) or someone who spent the whole day whining about it (also not good whether you’re romantic or not). However, my kids LOVE Valentine’s Day. I think it’s partly because they love saying ‘I love you’ but also because they love hearts, and soft toys and chocolates all the things associated with Valentine’s Day in the shops. And rather than be negative about it I find their enthusiasm for the day quite infectious. As a result so far this week we have made heart shaped biscuits, talked a lot about who they’re going to marry (weird as they’re 6 and 2 and so one wants to marry a character from Team Umizoomi), talked a lot about how daddy and I met (I’ve had to jazz that up a far bit to impress them) and then drawn a lot of hearts and cut them out ! It’s made me realise that it’s easy to be all down on the day, complain about the hideous marketing and forget that sometimes it’s quite nice to tell people you love them and buy them/make them something special and I’m not just talking partners/husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends etc. And yes, why do we need a day to tell us this when we probably should do this all the time, but honestly in between everything else I just forget. Which is why I love that my kids love Valentine’s day. It’s made me realise that saying ‘I love you’ is something lovely to shout about and surely that’s a good thing? But how about you? Are you a lover or hater of Valentine’s day?  Let us know.