Do you or don’t you (wear Birkenstocks that is)

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On my recent trip to Florida there was one thing that I had in common with four out of six of the other bloggers.

We all wore Birkenstocks. All the time.

Now I really, really love my Birkis. I have terrible feet (I’ll spare you the gory details) but these stylish slabs of genius are the things that keep me comfy all summer long. I have four pairs in various colours and right now I have my eye on some more – I’m particularly taken with the plum ones (£35, available from John Lewis) but honestly, any shades will do.

What about you – do you own a pair (or two) of Birkenstocks, or do you think they’re the ugliest things ever?

written by Liz Jarvis


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21 Responses to Do you or don’t you (wear Birkenstocks that is)

  1. Laura says:

    I love them. Will wear them ALL Summer long. But then I have wide man feet so they are perfect. I know that Becky had trouble keeping them on her slender feet. I’m planning on adding a red pair and possibly a ‘Tara Cain’ blueygreen pair

  2. Very Bored in Catalunya says:

    I spend all summer in Birko, I have 3 pairs – white, pink & green. Sadly they do nothing for my footballers calves…

  3. YummyNo1 says:

    They’re certainly not the prettiest of shoes but they are so comfortable that I prefer to forget how ugly they are! Yup, hands up, I do own two pairs : )

  4. JulieB says:

    Can’t say I do… although my husband’s prize pair were ruined at the weekend by being doused in water, so have been perusing websites in attempt to find him a replacement. Still not sure I’m personally tempted though – will stick to my Havaianas!

  5. Tara says:

    Brown pair, white pair, above mentioned blueygreen pair’ Coveting your bright red pair too Liz. It will come as no surprise that I looooove them

  6. Victoria says:

    You have seen my silver pair, and I also have a pale blue pair from last summer which are a bit grubby now. My daughter has a very pretty flowery pair. I fancy a green pair too…

  7. Victoria says:

    Also, they are so firmly wedded to my feet that I have Birkenstock strap marks on my feet already.

  8. Emma says:

    I love my birkenstocks!! So comfy! Im thinking about getting another pair in a different colour! 🙂

  9. Emily O says:

    Lol so funny you’ve made this into a blog post! No, no, no. I’ve got whacking great man feet and a friend (with similar feet) and I had a Birkenstock trying on session in a trendy shoe shop in Covent Garden once. Our feet looked huge. And masculine. We left shamefaced. If you’ve got nice delicate size 5s then they’re probably good.

  10. Jay (@cosmicgirlie) says:

    I LOVE my pair in natural and desperately want some more. What’s not to like? They’re comfy, they go with almost anything (though I’ve never been a true follower of fashion…) and for me personally, they are GREAT for feet (I have fallen arches) offering good support. Even my size 8’s don’t make me look too horrific I think. Can’t wait to buy more!

  11. Belcolt says:

    Yeah, I wear them, two pairs like your stripey ones above. Pearl White & black with pink roses on them. Like your other reader I have tell tale tan marks too 🙂

  12. EnglishMum says:

    My first pair were so comfy, but I must have bought a different style this time as I can’t keep them on. Love them, though x

  13. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    I love the sound of those ones Belcott. Seriously peeps I’m getting the plum ones. No one else… ‘kay?

  14. Pants With Names says:

    Live in them during the summer. Love them. They are so comfy and comfy is what is required. The pretty shoes just don’t hack the small children/dogwalking/general day to day living and remain in a state of prettiness for more than a week. Give me the Birkies any day (and mine are pink – the only pink thing in this male dominated household, which may be why I have a particular fondness for them!)

  15. samantha says:

    I love my B’s. I get a new pair or two every summer – couldn’t do without them, live in them and love ’em. This year I have olive green and fuschia pink, both patent leather thongs…mmmm

  16. Karen @ If I Could Escape says:

    Have never so much as set my feet in a pair to try on. Don’t think I ever will! *ducking*

  17. notes from home says:

    I love my Birkenstocks, they are the comfiest shoes ever and hide a multitude of sins (at least as far as my feet are concerned!).

  18. Jane O'Riordan says:

    I am afraid I buy a pair every year – they are sooooo comfortable. YOu can drive, garden, run, climb & do everything in them. They are pig ugly but damned comfy. This year mine are a fetching silver.

  19. Nickie@Typecast says:

    I have never had a pair and they always remind me of Schol sandals *blush* – not sure I can get my head past that!! I understand they are extremely comfy though 🙂

  20. Jenny Paulin says:

    I was given a pair as a present and they are just soooooooo comfortable. I will def be adding to my collection (which is 1 pair at the mo!)

  21. Dulwich Divorcee says:

    I admit to having a pair of these too – mine are gold of course and go with everything, dahling! I do think they are pretty ugly but my feet disagree


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