Do You Spy on Your Child’s Digital Life?

A report by internet security firm BullGuard has found that six out of ten parents keep tabs on their children’s digital world by secretly reading their emails, texts and messages on social media channels. 

Another study from October this year showed that smartphone and mobile use among the under 2s has tripled since 2011. The question is, if we’re so worried about how our children are managing their digital lives, why are we letting them have smartphones, personal laptops and handhelds in the first place?

Our relationship with technology seems totally confused when it comes to our children. On the one hand, we want our children to benefit from the digital age and the advantages it brings, and on the other hand, we don’t trust them to use it properly. It’s like giving our kids a box of matches without the expectation of fire. What’s the solution? How do you keep your kids safe online?

Worldwide Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on February 11th 2014, so look out for events, talks and advice sessions near you. There is a wealth of Internet safety information out there; here are the best sites I’ve found so far:

Webwise: BBC

Get Safe Online:

Which Guide to Parental Control Software:

Safer Internet:

Childnet International:


What do you think? Is spying on your kids the solution?


Featured image from Stanford