Do you use the naughty step/corner?

In today's Observer there's a story about new research from think tank Demos which indicates that taking a tough love approach is the best way to produce happy, well rounded children.

One parent who has been interviewed in the piece says that using the 'naughty corner' has worked for her and her daughter.

Personally, I've always struggled with the concept of the naughty step/corner – and in particular, the idea that the child is encouraged to give the parent a cuddle after they've done their penance and tell them they love them. It seems contrived and artificial to me, and actually, a little emotionally cruel.

In fact, I think it's possible to teach children to be well rounded, helpful and useful members of society without putting them on the naughty step or in the naughty corner every time they do something undesirable. In our house, we've never used it. We've used 'go to your room' only in the most severe incidences of bad behaviour. What works for us has always been an instant explanation of why certain things are not acceptable. Not by shouting, I hasten to add, but by using the tone of our voice. Privileges have been removed only in exceptional (extreme) circumstances. And I'm confident our parenting style is working.

But all families are different and take different approaches. So what works for you? I'd love to hear your views.

written by Liz Jarvis