Do Your Facebook Friends Annoy You?

According to new research 85% of us find our friends annoying online. Stats from a survey by Eversave said the top three behaviours that irk are Facebook friends complaining all the time (63%) those sharing political views (42%) and people bragging about their lives (32%). Apparently we all fall into camps like baby bores, oversharers, moaners, and smug updaters. I don’t know about you but who are all these people getting so annoyed? If Facebook, Twitter and social media annoys you so much and you don’t want to hear what your friends are saying why not stop whining and just leave. A friend of mine who has lots of friends on Facebook is currently using her updates as a way to get over a broken heart and struggle with financial ruin (her words) says she is continually being told by friends that she’s sharing too much of her life online and needs to ‘restrain herself’. Her view is if you don’t like what I am saying, don’t ‘follow’ me. She knows what she’s doing and it works for her and I think good on her. For me social media is for people who want to share what they are going through (good or bad), what they believe in (and that’s going to be political at times) and their lives. If we aren’t going to do that then what are we going to post about? Also and this is just a side point if you’re not interested in hearing about your friends lives, woes and beliefs – why are you even bothering to have friends in the first place? Do you friends annoy you online? Let me know.