Do your neighbours drive you nuts?

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We live next door to an elderly man who doesn't do anything about his garden. He goes on holiday several times a year, the pub nearly every night (and Saturdays), he uses the internet – this is not someone who is unable to do anything about the garden. He simply doesn't want to. Occasionally he takes the electric trimmer out to the brambles in the front (I'm not kidding, he has a hedge made of brambles) but that's about it.

Now of course you should live and let live, and really it has nothing to do with us how he keeps his garden. I should be grateful he's not noisy, or throwing wild parties, or offensive. Except… that the mass of brambles and ivy and weeds from his garden is beginning to infiltrate ours.

Recently one of his drains flooded into our garden and we told him about that. He fixed the problem pretty quickly. Is it petty to complain about the garden too?

Would love your advice on this!

written by Liz Jarvis


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12 Responses to Do your neighbours drive you nuts?

  1. julesey10 says:

    I think the state of your neighbours garden definately is your business as it affects the look and smooth running of your property too. We have that problem with our fertility treated single multiple birth mother next door to us. Shes turned the place into a coup and also is noisy, has verbally abused me and the kids, and is generally very antisocial. It all grinds us down. The solution however??? Im at a loss. I hope he gets the alan titchmarsh bug for you soon hon.xx

  2. notSupermum says:

    Hmm, difficult one but I think you could definitely talk to him about how the brambles and weeds and starting to have an impact on your garden, and take it from there. If he tackles that problem it might make him motivated to do a bit more gardening? My neighbours are a nightmare. Noisy, swearing, banging doors all hours, late night music, weekend parties, yappy dog, footballs being kicked over our fence every day, not very nice people. I pray everyday that they will sell-up and move. Things have calmed down recently because I complained to the local council about the noise and they wrote to my neighbours about the complaint, but this was a last resort because if I ever try to sell my house I now have to report the fact that I have made that complaint about noise. Not an easy situation to deal with, but awful to have to live with.

  3. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    Having no neighbours I really don’t know what the answer is. But I think if you were thinking of putting your house on the market then it would definitely affect you and you would be quite within your rights to mention it to him. But I do think the front of a house matters, so yes, perhaps you could invite him in, give him a beer and mention it. CJ xx

  4. udoodle says:

    Easy peasy,I would politelty mention that his hedge is infultrating yours and is a bit of a prickly nuisance and ask if he minds if you pop in and trim it back hard yourself! might jog his conscience,ask him if he minds if you take the shears to it as it re-grows and empathise with the difficulties in maintainning a bramble hedge at the very least you will have a better outlook until it grows back and have appeared neighbourly.. sorted… DM

  5. Rock and roll mummy says:

    Could you just say that your children keep getting scratched by the brambles and your really worried as they keep hurting themselves? It softens the impact then? Good luck! X

  6. Lisa says:

    We have problems with our neighbours in a similar respect, but also they have a dog and don’t always pick up after it (if you get me). This means that we have a horrible smell that wafts in our direction dependent upon the wind. What we have done in the past is cut back anything that has overgrown onto our side. I do confess to doing this when I know that they’re not in and it is a pain in the bum but I’d rather not having a shouting match with them which is likely if we were to mention it. Good luck with yours

  7. Expat Mum says:

    My elderly neighbours have a weed in the back, against my fence, and it reaches about twenty feet in the summer. It is ugly and getting bigger every year. Last year I used to have a sly snip at the bits I cuold reach, but a gardner friend has recently told me that the longer we leave it, the worse the root problem will get. Yesterday I approached them and asked if they minded if I cut the bits off that impinge on my side of the fence. They replied that if I wanted to borrow a saw I could chop the whole thing down as far as they were concerned! Great answer!

  8. Claire says:

    Oh I feel for you – that’s a tough one. I would go down the route of children getting hurt/scratched and can you trim it. That way it’s a bit softer and you get to hack it right back. Or if he says no, at least it might be suggested to him that it’s not acceptable. We used to have horrid neighhours. When I was pregnant with J, I had a dreadful time, and it was made more stressful due to their music/TV blaring through the walls at all hours, day and night. Then when J was 5 weeks old they came and compained about him crying!! It was a good job I didn’t answer the door, as I think H was more diplomatic that I would have been. Good luck x

  9. Hayley says:

    I am having a problem too with my neighbours, they seem to be locking their dog out at night who then proceeds to spend it barking away – it is waking my kids up and making me want to scream! How do I approach this, she can be quite funny and I do not feel able to mention this to her without it becoming a much bigger issue. Any ideas?

  10. Baby Genie says:

    That’s a real toughie! Invite him round for summer drinks in the garden and talk about how proud you are of your garden and so on?!!!

  11. Vic @ says:

    Well, there’s the one who backs her car into the tiniest of spaces and then knocks to complain we’ve not left her enough room to get her shopping out of the boot. Yes, that’s the same one who blasts her music out of the open back door throughout the summer and that we nearly ended up calling the police for during one of the recent domestics with her son. Then there’s the one across the road who quite frequently shouts out to the world ‘I hate this f’ing street’ or the ones who don’t know how to bag up their rubbish and let it spill out over the pavement on bin days. Yup, in three weeks once we’ve moved I really won’t miss our neighbours.

  12. Pants With Names says:

    like the others I’d suggest a friendly chat, a comment that you are finding keeping the brambles out of your garden difficult and a polite request for him to cut it back a bit. We had a similar neighbour but he was most amenable to being asked to do something when pointed out that it was affecting our house. But in the realms of bad neighbours, whilst annoying, he isn’t a disaster. I currently can’t get my bin out for the bin men to do their fortnightly collection because the neighbour has parked right up against our gate.. again. Even though we’ve asked him on several occasions and he has a garage that he is choosing to eschew for the front of our house. If i had a buggy, I’d be stuck in all day until he moved his car as I’d not be able to get it out. Ah the joys of living so close to each other! Hope he sorts it out.


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