Do your neighbours drive you nuts?

We live next door to an elderly man who doesn't do anything about his garden. He goes on holiday several times a year, the pub nearly every night (and Saturdays), he uses the internet – this is not someone who is unable to do anything about the garden. He simply doesn't want to. Occasionally he takes the electric trimmer out to the brambles in the front (I'm not kidding, he has a hedge made of brambles) but that's about it.

Now of course you should live and let live, and really it has nothing to do with us how he keeps his garden. I should be grateful he's not noisy, or throwing wild parties, or offensive. Except… that the mass of brambles and ivy and weeds from his garden is beginning to infiltrate ours.

Recently one of his drains flooded into our garden and we told him about that. He fixed the problem pretty quickly. Is it petty to complain about the garden too?

Would love your advice on this!

written by Liz Jarvis