Does Your Mum Still Tell You Off?

I’m loving the story in yesterday’s Daily Mail about the trader who spent more than £200,000 on Britain’s most expensive round of drinks and has been publicly told off by his mum for his behaviour. Alex Hope, 23, is said to have forked out £125,000 on a single bottle of champagne along with £60,408 on other beverages and a £18, 540 tip. But his mother who lives in Deptford, south-east London, said she was surprised by his behaviour, and shocked he could blow so much money at a time while millions of people are struggling to survive. It just goes to show that no matter how old you are, your mum is always waiting in the wings to tell you off. My own mother thinks nothing of telling me that I look frumpy and should go get myself some new clothes! And she can’t wait to reprimand me over our parenting differences. Recently she told me my 18 month old is constipated because “You don’t make gravy (truly she said this)!” But I know I am not alone in this mother/grown up child scenario. My husband’s mother always tells him off for drinking too much and yesterday I heard my neighbour’s mother telling her  (in front of everyone) that her ‘bottom has got rather big.” It makes me wonder what gems I’m going to pass on to my own children when they are adults. I do hope I’ll be able to find the right balance between reprimanding them for OTT behaviour like Alex’s mum, but at the same time not forgetting that they are adults in their own right who don’t need to be ‘told’ their bottom has got too big. But what do you think? Does your mother tell you off when you do something wrong? Can you see yourself holding your tongue when you’re children become adults? Let me know.