D’oh – what Homer and co can teach us about family life… and doughnuts


So The Simpsons are going to be sponsored by the Department of Health . There have been a lot of comments about the irony of this, given Homer is hardly a healthy role model. Maybe not, but Lisa and Bart are active kids, and in terms of family life I think the Simpsons probably have the balance right most of the time. They talk through their problems together, they go on lots of outings together, and they always, always eat dinner together. You'll notice they always have green stuff next to the brown stuff (meatloaf?) on their cartoon plates, too.

I must admit, though, that they also introduced our family to the wonders of Krispy Kremes  – as soon as my son first saw Homer and Bart drooling over a box of the magical doughnuts, he wanted to try one. (In case you haven't tried one of these little circles of heaven, Tesco have recently started doing them online – yay!). OK, they're probably not what the DoH would prescribe – but doesn't a little of what you fancy do you good?

written by Liz Jarvis