Domestic goddess strikes again

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I'm not a natural housekeeper, and I'm sure Kim, Aggie and Anthea Turner would be horrified if they saw our house. But I do recognise when a job can't be put off any longer. Our Cupboard Under The Stairs has been getting seriously out of control, and it has become more and more difficult to find what you need in it (for example, a pair of matching shoes.) And apparently, judging by the footwear left in the hall, I'm the only one who knows where it's located, too.

So yesterday morning as I was up early anyway with the puppy, and while everyone else was sleeping, I decided to tackle the Cupboard. Unfortunately this didn't yield any treasure, but I did find the following:

  • Around 40 'Bags For Life' (clearly we're not really getting the point of these)
  • 21p in loose change
  • Assorted wrapping paper, gift tags and Christmas cards
  • The ironing board (you can tell how often we use it)
  • At least 20 pairs of matching shoes, boots and trainers
  • Various energy-saving lightbulbs

I wonder how long it will be before it becomes messy again. I give it a month.

written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to Domestic goddess strikes again

  1. Leslieanne says:

    Hahaha! We are exactly the same with the bags for Life – that’s why they last so long – nobody ever remembers to reuse them!! 😛 Well done for tackling it though – mine remains a big daunting jumble of mess!

  2. New Mummy says:

    I dread to think whats in our cupboard!

  3. Sam says:

    I still have boxes left from when we moved here four years ago – clearly we don’t need the contents as I have no idea what’s in them – and if I could get to them I might look, but I can’t

  4. says:

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  5. KELL says:

    Until about 2 weeks ago I was no Domestic GOddess either, but I’ve turned over a new leaf by following the FlyLady plan – it’s all in baby steps so it’s dead easy and even after just 2 weeks, my flat is looking SO much better and it takes no time at all!

  6. pauline wallin says:

    What, no balls of string, elastic bands, tatty edged envelopes (without matching writing paper), chewed tennis balls, battered old baseball hats with embarrassing logos? Or, dried out dog biscuits, single socks, dead batteries, single ear-rings, blue tack rock hard, hand-bags that with it jolly good scrub just might do ….? Not to mention playing cards incomplete, scrabble boards with missing letters, ten year old copies of Yellow Pages. One Ugg boot. And an oldbiscuit tin with blunt needles and once white, now grey threat plus a single shoe lace? I could go on … and on …one chipped glass candlestick, tea lights shoved away because it took a thorough repaint job to get rid of burn marks last time they were used ….


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