Don’t ALL our kids deserve the chance to go to uni?

Last night I got really upset watching the news. Nothing unusual in that, except that this time I was crying because of a tragedy of a different kind. The increasing number of kids who might find themselves without university places despite fantastic ‘A’ level results.

One boy had an A, and A* and a B, but still no university place. There were tales too of kids with straight A’s unable to get in to the college of their choice, because now they’re expected to have straight A*s.

It’s beyond me why we’ve arrived at a situation where studying hard and doing your best is no longer enough to get you into uni, and dropping just one grade can mean the difference between a place through clearing and no place at all.

And it depresses me that our kids – yours and mine – could be facing a situation where they are unable to get a place at uni if they want one. Education should still be a right, not a privilege. Shouldn't it?

I’d love to hear your views.

written by Liz Jarvis