Don’t put your (son or) daughter on the stage… but do watch Glee!

My mum friends and I are already addicted to E4's Glee. Apart from the show's obvious (*cough*) attractions, the hilarious one-liners and the brilliant messages it sends out about tolerance and diversity, the musical numbers are outstanding.

I'm all in favour of kids expressing themselves through music and dance, working together and having fun. I was a bit surprised, though, when one of our friends told us that she's thinking of sending her son to stage school.

I know some kids can't help themselves, they just love performing and that's what they're born to do. But the harsh truth about showbiz is that not everyone can make it and they may need something to fall back on. Of course on the other hand, mainstream school isn't for everyone, so maybe if your kids have a dream you should encourage them to follow it and see how far they can get.

Anyway, back to Glee, and the 'who's cutest' debate (which recently caused quite a furore here) out of Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith.


And before you leap up and down I must stress that Cory may play a 16-year-old on the show but in real life he's actually 27.

So, side by side… what do you reckon?

written by Liz Jarvis