Go Green Week 2015: Let’s teach our kids to respect the Earth

It’s very important to teach children to respect nature and the environment, because we hope that they will be the ones able to change the many things that unfortunately do not work today. Children imitate our behavior and follow the example of parents and people they look up to. Precisely for this reason, it’s up to us to teach them in a constant and gradual way, an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The teaching should begin when the children are still young but already able to understand the consequences of their actions, and it should be done in a fun and creative way.

  Here are some tips: Involve children in recycling by teaching them how to separate the different items and materials and especially explaining to them what would happen if all waste were disposed without any criteria. For example you can try to explain what happens to a plastic bottle if not properly recycled or even worse the damage it would cause if left on the beach or in a park;   Teach them that the paper on which they have drawn should not be mixed together with household waste but must be recycled. Put a basket in their room so that they get used to separate it; If you have a garden, show them that the household wet waste can be transformed into a natural compost for the plants. The children will be fascinated; mum n daugther in garden  

Explain to the children how important it is not to contribute to the pollution of the air we breathe.

Inform them that cars pollute and that if we do not have to travel a long way it’s good to move on foot or by bicycle. Instead of taking the kids to school every day in the car you could try to organize some sort of parents’ car pool: alternately every morning a parent takes the kids to school. A nice way for the kids to socialize before they get to school; Teach them also not to waste water and tell them that you do not have to use too much water to take a shower. For example, try setting a timer every time the kids are taking a shower and award them if they finish before the time is up;   o-KIDS-RECYCLE-facebook  

Even turning off the tap while brushing their teeth is another way to avoid unnecessary waste of water.

Same thing for the lights: It is important that children learn to save energy; Communicate to them that the food should not be wasted and that it is important to finish everything they have on their plate. Maybe try to come up with fun ideas in order to get them to eat those foods which often they do not want to hear about such as vegetables; Take your children for a walk in the countryside or in a public park to make them understand how important it is to respect nature.   11-12-Keele-Recycling-PR-Smiley-Bins-WEB   Very little is needed to give the children a love for the environment in which they live and to make them eco-conscious adults. So this earth day, let’s all make an effort and promise ourselves will set the example for the next generation.

Happy Go Green Week!