Economy shmeconomy!

The news from America is truly frightening with tales of an economy on the verge of collapse as it struggles to raise the money to pay its debts. And rather than welcome investors with open arms at least one American bank has reacted to the public’s understandable panic to stash their cash in the safety of its vaults by charging them to deposit their money with them. And we wonder why the elderly stash their cash in the freezer. Here in the UK we can see the ripples from across the Atlantic reflected on the beach resorts of the UK, Our children’s new best friends on the caravan site in Norfolk came here on a last minute whim after reading the weather reports and decided to abandon their trip to the south of France. They’ve saved themselves the cost of a ferry, thousands of miles in petrol and stress and for the price of a beer on the Corniche they can take their kids to Caister for a night of stock car racing and fireworks. And the weather’s better! Amanda Deal of the day: If you’re holidaying at home look the part – Boden are offering a ten per cent discount on children’s clothing and 3.5% in your Kiddy Bank if you shop with KidStart Scary statistic of the day: Forget the crashing stock market, half the children surveyed in drought-ridden Kenya had not eaten all day. Ten pounds would make a real difference. Find out more at which co-ordinates uk charities’  response to the crisis