Childhood Eczema – Getting Help

Did anyone catch The Food Hospital  on Channel 4 last night? I have to confess I have never seen it before but it is a brilliant programme about using food as a medicine. Last night’s moving case study was Jack – a gorgeous little boy who desperately needed help for childhood eczema that was literally making his life a misery. Knowing many parents with young children with this condition (1 in 5 kids suffer from it in UK), I know how upsetting it can be to have to watch your child be tormented by his skin. I also know the hunt is always on for the right cream, and the right culprit. Which is why last night The Food Hospital was so interesting. It made me aware that 1 in 3 cases of childhood Eczema are caused, or made worse by a food allergy. In little Jack’s case the experts discovered it was cow’s milk and once it was removed from his diet, not just in drink form but also with his mum reading all food labels on the products she used (who knew milk was in curry sauces and also in some biscuits and breads) his skin improved in leaps and bounds. What’s interesting is his parents felt this was the first time they had been taken seriously over what was making their son’s life a nightmare. I know from my own sister in law (my nephew suffered in the same way until he was 5 years old) that seeing your GP about it can be a losing battle, which is why it’s also helpful to know that you can insist your child is referred to an allergy specialist for further tests and expert advice. To find your nearest allergy clinic for children go to British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology  and follow the search instructions.In the meantime if you need advice on childhood eczema visit The National Eczema Society. Do your children suffer from Eczema? Do you feel you’re getting the help and support you need?