Even celeb mums get The Fear – plus top tips for new mums

Last week I went to interview the lovely Melanie C, who is the Pampers Village Parenting Panel Celebrity Mum. Apart from serious envy over her flat stomach (her daughter, Scarlet, is 17 months) I found her warm, down to earth and very easy to talk to. But one of the things I hadn’t expected her to tell me was that, like so many of us, she gets The Fear. ‘When you’re a new mum and you’ve got this tiny fragile little baby that needs taking care of 24 hours a day… I did feel that was a big weight at the time,’ she told me. ‘And there’s always something new to worry about, whether it’s illness, or immunisation, and  the choices we have all have to make. Even things like what schools am I going to send her to.’ It’s funny, you have an idea that celeb mums don’t have the same pressures as the rest of us, but motherhood is a great leveller. And as Melanie said, ‘I think as you grow as a mum and as your baby becomes more robust… I can cope now with that worry and concern. I feel more confident now.’ Meanwhile, to celebrate the launch of New Baby with Dry Max, Pampers play and development expert Dr Maggie Redshaw has come up with some brilliant tips for helping a new baby adapt to their world: *Choose warm and soft colours, rather than the bold primary colours often found in nurseries – create a feeling of warmth and relaxation for you and your baby (parents need to relax too) *Think about the sights and sounds around you. Is your baby calm? Is he or she distracted or bothered by particular things? Try and create a soothing atmosphere with a CD of lullabies or familiar quiet music. Babies appreciate the predictable and so familiar sounds or music are a good thing as far as they are concerned. *At night, familiarise her with the comfort of being in the womb using blackout blinds so the nursery is relatively dark while your baby sleeps during the day or in the early summer mornings. *Undressing and changing your baby quite quickly, without too much fuss, into a comfortable nappy will enable your baby to relax and feel secure, whether she is getting up, going to sleep or just about to have a day-time nap. Remember your changing station should have everything on it, so you can keep one hand on your baby and one hand on the nappies. Great tips – what would you add? written by Liz Jarvis