Everything in the garden is… well, a bit messy, actually

Last summer was a washout in more ways than one – our poor garden ended up a bit of a quagmire. Add in a puppy with a penchant for digging up every plant in sight and it’s looking very neglected indeed.

Anyway, I’ve decided that while the weather is *fairly* warm it’s a good time to tackle the weeds and do some planting. Unfortunately, ‘someone’ left our tools out in the rain to rust, so I’ve been looking for some new ones.

Here’s my short list:

I love the OXO range of Gel-etools (available from Lakeland) – they’re sturdy and easy to use and start at a very reasonable £10. There’s also a fab watering can (£20).

Sainsbury's has a brilliant range, including this Bazaar Print Hand Tool Set  (£14.99). (They also have some lovely garden furniture, too, so you can sit back and enjoy your hard work.)

And I’m a great believer in getting kids involved in gardening – so this brightly coloured set (£6.99) from Bright Minds is ideal. (For tips from Charlie Dimmock to encourage your children to garden, click here).

Let's get digging…

written by Liz Jarvis