Fairy Godmother

I was reading Sleeping Beauty to my daughter last night and she asked me whether she’d had any good fairies clustering around her cradle when she was born, and if so what they had given her.

It was a tricky one, but I managed to busk my way through by  talking about how Edna, one of my mother’s best friends, had given her a sliver sixpence for good luck when she was less than a week old, and how her Uncle Steve had blown in with the rather fabulous Oxford Treasury of Fairy Tales  (the very one we were reading from, spookily). Not exactly five good fairies, but not a bad start in life.

Then I began thinking about baby showers and what it means to be a God parent or an adopted Auntie or Uncle to a new born baby.  As well as showering the baby with a “welcome to the world” silver spoon or Peter Rabbit egg cup wouldn’t it feel great to take a much longer term view and perhaps take on some of the duties of a good fairy.

We might not be able to provide Love, Laughter, Beauty, Health, and a Get Out of Bad Spells card, like the traditional fairies, but we might be able to pave the way a little.

  Here are some of my ideas for “Good Fairy Gifts” to be offered at a baby-shower, naming ceremony  or Christening – and I’d love to hear your suggestions too – we’ll be sharing the best on the KidStart website, so don’t be shy!



Hopefully this is already present by the bucketful, but nothing says “I love you” like financial security. Show your commitment with a little but often children’s savings account – check out moneyfacts for the best deals and don’t forget to join KidStart to help top it up.

You’re never to young to get a buzz out of live theatre so how about committing to an annual trip to the circus or a pantomime?

Cultivate an eye for aesthetics  – start small with a lovely touchy feely ribbon blanket and progress month by month or year by year to picture books and trips to concerts and galleries

By the time he or she grows up we might all be wearing factor 30 sun block to protect ourselves from the ravages of global warming. Slow things down a bit by safeguarding a little corner of the rain forest. You can protect an acre for £100 or make gift donations from £25 at worldlandtrust.org

Scuppering the Bad Fairy’s wicked spells:
The most important one of the lot! They are traditional, very old fashioned, and have been known to make dreams come true. Premium Bonds are tax free, can be cashed in in an emergency and still give a baby the chance to become a millionaire every month!


Deal of the day:
Get 7% back to start saving for your children when you buy baby or Christening gifts from Born Gifted through KidStart

Scary statistic of the day:
Don’t assume baby always goes free: research by travelsupermarket.com reveals that some budget airlines are charging infants £20 each way to sit on their mother’s knee – when a full adult seat costs as little as £9.99. Pass that sick bag (unless it’s suddenly sprouted a price tag too)