Family Days Out And The Price Of Food!!

Being someone who does most of my sale shopping online rather than in the shops at 6 am – I like many mums, spend the no man’s land between Christmas and New Year, on family days out. Yesterday, we went to  Whipsnade Zoo – which after the eating-fest of Christmas Day was a delight. Lots to see, plenty of bracing walks between animal enclosures and acres of space for the kids to go wild. My only bugbear of the day was the one that happens whenever we go on a family day out post summer: (1) The food and (2) the price of the food. We somehow managed to spend £30 on a selection of rubbish snacks (£4.00 for just 2 sausages!!!) that wasn’t healthy or tasty for the kids. Why is it that so many child friendly places pay virtually no attention to their food? While part of me expects to pay exorbitant prices I always hope that kid friendly places will actually be kid friendly. And a £4.50 a kid’s box of limp sandwiches, pieces of cheese, and apples that have seen better days doesn’t do it for me. One of the worst places we visited recently was a well-known farm where every food choice on offer was fried and that included the vegetables. The whole place smelled like a take away and the prices would have shamed a posh restaurant. Surely either you’re a family friendly place or not? And if you are surely that means good quality food, and/or fair prices? I wish someone like Jamie Oliver would start a campaign to get family places to sell/make good healthy kids foods and not price themselves so high that it puts parents off going again. But what do you think? Does anyone know of a good day out where the food lives up to the attractions? If so, let us know because it would be great to save some money and have some fun for once.