Feeling the fear – and doing it anyway

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Sometimes you're having a very ordinary day and the most extraordinary thing can happen. Like when an email popped into my inbox a few weeks ago asking if I would like to go on a trip to Orlando with five other mummy bloggers. My first reaction was 'Florida! OMG' because we really didn't get much sun last year and I'm in desperate need of a tan. And when I saw the invite included a trip to Discovery Cove, somewhere I've always wanted to go, well of course I said yes.

But then I started to feel afraid. I've never met any of these women before. What if they don't like me? How will my family cope without me? Will they remember to feed themselves? Will they remember to turn off the oven when they've finished cooking? Will they break the dishwasher? Will I feel guilty that I'm going on such an amazing trip without them? Will the puppy pine?

I've always been one to rise to challenges and meet them head on. And I know that Mummy Me Time is incredibly important for our wellbeing – and to be honest, I haven't had much of it for quite a while.

So I'm ignoring the fears, and I'm doing it anyway. I'm really looking forward to meeting Erica, Jo, English Mum, Laura and Linda, and I'm ridiculously excited about going to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and of course Discovery Cove.

I won't be riding the big rollercoasters – but this trip will be an adventure for me, all the same.

written by Liz Jarvis


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19 Responses to Feeling the fear – and doing it anyway

  1. Linda says:

    Oh yes you will. While eating your dinner. Topless. Just saying. That was the deal wasn’t it?

  2. notSupermum says:

    Liz, you’re right to be concerned. All of the other bloggers you named are horrible, every last one of them. I would be happy to take the invite off your hands and subject myself to the trip, just to help out you understand?

  3. gigi says:

    Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it! Having gone on a ‘press trip’ to Chessington World of Adventures last week (the day it was frigging arctic) I’m now wondering what I did wrong in a previous life. However, I will rise above my own pathetic feelings of inadequacy to say bon voyage, pip pip and may all your cocktails contain vodka, rum and a twirly little umbrella when you’re there x

  4. Susie @newdaynewlesson says:

    I so want to be invited to something like that!

  5. Nat says:

    Laura sounds very seasoned at this sort of thing! Have an amazing time, LOL as if you won’t!

  6. Linda says:

    Don’t be too harsh on Laura and Becky for their language will you?

  7. English Mum says:

    We told you about the drinking games, right?

  8. Rachael @ marathonmummy.com says:

    Oh Liz that’s so exciting! I spend a week away from the family every year. In How Not to be a Perfect Mother, Libby Purves recommends it as being as good for the children as it is for you. She’s right. Have a wonderful time.

  9. zooarchaeologist says:

    How exciting! Hope you have a fab time and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it- especially what those crude girls get up to- loL! x

  10. Mummy's Little Monkey says:

    You’re gong to have such a blast – I went to Discovery Cove about 8 years ago and swimming with the dolphins is still up there with my Top 10 best things I’ve ever done. Make sure you feed the Stingrays if you get the chance – you stand in the water and they brush up against you and feel all soft and fluttery. Very weird!! I think it’s really important for Mums to take some ‘time out’ every now and again, and come back all refreshed and recharged. Makes the little ones appreciate you more when you get back too (for a few days, anyway!!)

  11. Littlemummy says:

    Woohoo! We’re going to have fun, although I’m having severe coaster panic attacks!

  12. Chris says:

    How exciting! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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  14. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Ooh, how lucky are you? I would have the same fears about leaving my Little Miss & Hubby for that long. I haven’t even left them overnight and Little Miss is 22 months old. In fact, I don’t know if I could do it if presented with the opportunity! You’re far braver than I! If you get a chance, try ONE of the roller coasters. I hate them too but they are quite fun if you can manage it. Good luck and enjoy! 😉 Karin

  15. Whimsical Wife says:

    Lucky you! Have an amazing time!!!! 🙂

  16. Karen @ If I Could Escape says:

    Don’t you worry — you can count on me to take you out and show you a good time!!

  17. Hot Cross Mum says:

    Oh you lucky, lucky ladies – I could do with these sort of emails popping into my Inbox! Are you known as the ‘Florida Five’ now? I can only imagine the Tweets and blog posts coming out of that trip. How bleedin’ jammy! Enjoy!

  18. bev says:

    Wow, how lucky – I never get these emails!!! Willing to ride all the rollercoasters for you! Think would really miss the little ones and the hubby would stress no end. Enjoy, look forward to hearing about it x

  19. CJ says:

    That sounds fantastic!! I’ll think about you all while I’m in cold Northumberland! CJ xx


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