Five ways to teach kids about money

Talking to kids about the F word. FINANCE. It’s all rather hush hush and we may know from our own experiences of school that more can be done to educate our kids about all things to do with money.

Here’s five ways to teach kids about money:


There’s so many great online resources, especially post lockdown, we’ve seen a rise in home learning resources launch and it’s free! We’ve been reaching out for activities on The Bank of England and Great Little Trading Co for all things money.


Turn playtime into an undercover money lesson by taking it in turns to play shop. The Le Toy Van cash register is a classic. But we also LOVE the Chad Valley Cash Register from Argos, you’ll get 1% back for your kids too.


Make saving fun by helping them to set goals and of course, getting hold of a fun piggy bank. The OYOY Ninka money bank from Scandiborn is a must. Or for more a futuristic approach, do it all on Osper, the super cool pocket money app for parents and kids.


There’s loads of books available at Waterstones that will help teach kids about money. We sway towards the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Homer’s version of the story is great, watch it here.


Get them involved in their own Beanstalk journey. Update them when a family member has given them a gift. Ask them to write a thank you message in response to their gift.

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Please note: Capital at risk. As with any investment the value may go up or down.