Free Summer Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you but the summer holidays are killing my budget and we’re not even going anywhere this year. So far this morning (and bear in mind it’s only 11.20 am) I have spent £3 on parking, yet another £20 in the supermarket and £3.50 in Starbucks. Later I know I will have the inevitable ice cream van quarrel where I try to stop spending £2 a day on lollies pointing out that my purse can’t afford 90 pounds a month on daily ice creams. I have however, discovered some pretty good ways to keep the kids entertained and my bank manager happy so let me share my best free (or at least semi-free) summer tips. Local Children’s Centres These nationwide centres are fantastic for kids events in the summer. Yesterday we went to a free treasure hunt event organised by our local centre and every child received a small bit of ‘treasure’ and a free lunch at the local park. Contact your local authority for details of your nearest centre. Day Out With the Kids This is an excellent website if you’re looking to go on a day out as it helps you find places by region, activity and age and then allows you to pare it down to a specific activity whether it’s a beach, park or animals. Meaning you then have the option to look for something free or something paid for. The Nature Detectives For ideas take a look at their Big Summer Challenge 2011 as they have 150 free activities and ideas for the summer holidays. Ideas include stuff to make, things to cook, and outdoor games. Discount Codes I don’t leave home without one of these in my pocket. Not only do they save you money on days out but there are amazing summer deals to be had on eating out with kids, which can literally save you 50% on bills. Check out KidStart Extras for tons of offers! So do you have any more tips for saving money with kids in tow? Do let us know so we can tell everyone. Anita Deal of the day: Lose that extra holiday weight with WeightWatchers – £20 back for your kids on NEW online memberships. Plus Save £33.95 on the Weight Watchers 3 month plan – use voucher code 4-16-762-17119