From slummy to yummy mummy

Yesterday my friend Susan was lamenting the School Run. 'It's so hot, and I'm so sweaty,' she said. 'I don't understand how some of these mums manage to look so glamorous first thing – they must spend hours getting ready.'

I know exactly what she means. Every morning I pass a group of immaculately groomed Yummy Mummies, who must get up at 5am to select their carefully co ordinated outfits. (One of them even wears white jeans. With small children!)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've always been more slightly more Slummy than Yummy. Sadly the Mickey Mouse joggers (I'm not kidding) which saw me through many a school run have finally gone to the great recycling bin in the sky, so it's definitely time for some new gear.

One of my favourite shops right now has to be White Stuff. I particularly love this Square Leaf skirt (£29.95), Twist Around Tunic (£37.50) and Butter Me Up Vest (£17.50).

And if you purchase through KidStart, you'll get 5% back for your child's savings account – which makes you a Savvy Mummy. 



written by Liz Jarvis