Funny Baby Names

I don’t know about you but I love hearing what my friends and other mums call their babies. I love it when the name is sentimental, or when it’s unusual and sweet and even when it’s funny (let’s face it some baby names are just great for a private laugh). My favourites of late have been Robbie Williams daughter Theodora “Teddy’ Williams – a lovely old and sweet name. Beyonce’s – Blue Ivy Carter – too rock and roll for words and the ridiculous Rabbit Mercedes – a friend of a friend’s child who I hope won’t grow up to have big teeth. My own children were named after favourite relatives who held meaning for my husband and I, but their friends have names that run from the traditional to the barmy with some having totally made up names (my pet hate but that’s just my opinion). So if you’re currently looking for a baby name it might help to know that  I’ve been helping pregnant friends search for baby name books that are  bit out of the ordinary. First up we found and are loving the Rock and Roll Baby Names book which includes suggestions like Ziggy along with song lyrics including the baby name. It’s a great book if you fancy having a future X factor star on your hands or if you’re a music fan looking for inspiration. I also think The Worst Baby Name Book Ever is very funny, though it is supposed to be a joke book so if you take a look don’t take it seriously. However, Bring Back Beatrice: 1546 Meaningful, and Delightfully UnTrendy Names Your Baby Will Love You For Choosing is getting top marks from my pregnant friends. Apparently Mabel and Josiah are good examples of solid names, though there are some pretty funny names in here too so it’s still good for a laugh!!! Anyhow I’m keen to hear how you chose your baby’s name and what names you love and hate so let me know.