Get baby soft at Boots

I was delighted to hear that Boots have just re-launched their parenting club with 10 points per £1 on most baby products (including big brand names), plus access 24/7 to online info and a chance to receive fabulous free gifts. You can get more info here. Anyway, while I was looking at their website, I came across the object on the right. Can you tell what it is yet? Alright, I’ll tell you. It’s a Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system – basically it removes unwanted hair permanently. At £324.99 it’s not cheap, but if you consider the amount you could spend in a lifetime on waxing and hair removal cream it starts to become very attractive (and KidStart members save £50 on Boots Smoothskin before 22 September by entering the discount code BSMS55 at the checkout*. You can also earn KidStart savings whenever you shop online at Boots). Not that I’m particularly hairy *cough* but hmmm… how long  ’til Christmas? *Only one promotional code can be used per transaction and may only be used once per member. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with certain other offers. written by Liz Jarvis