How to get ready for uni – thoughts from a future student

 The thought of going back to uni can be stressful; when am I going to buy a new kettle, my new laptop, the headphones I desperately need to drown out the noise whilst working in the library? Well, stress no more. With AO’s Back to Uni  campaign, getting all your essentials before it’s time to flee the nest couldn’t be simpler. As a new university student myself, and wanting to avoid the painstaking day long trip traipsing around the shops with my eager mother in tow, ao was the answer to my prayers. Finding the perfect laptop for me was easy with ao’s extensive range of high quality laptops. Their fast and light range is a great match for university students whether we’re studying in the library or ‘researching’ in the bar, allowing us to be ready wherever we may be when inspiration strikes. With many of the new models featuring Windows 10 technology, ensuring ultimate flexibility and pen compatibility , allowing students to scribble, doodle or actually take some notes during a lecture (wait do you actually go to those at uni?!); and alongside 12 months buy now pay later on all Microsoft Surface, it could be easier. Plus, with up to £100 cashback on selected laptops, what is there not to love? Of course, mum was more concerned whether I’d be eating at all this year, but after visiting ao and grabbing a new kettle, microwave and a coffee machine for those late night, last minute assignments, she was more than reassured. Of course, we then had to throw in a hand held electric mixer so I can keep up with the weekly Bake Off recipes! After I’d picked up the latest pair of noise cancelling Beats headphones for those few times I really need to focus and an HP printer to print off those essays (or maybe just concert tickets!), there really is no excuse not to be deadline ready this year. Don’t forget to throw in an essential UE boom speaker for all those late parties, oh and an external hard drive to save all those party playlists! Study hard, play hard – there’s no easier way than with ao! This post was written by Bella, the daughter of one of KidStart’s founders, who is about to start uni.