Getting Fit For 2013

Ignore all those silly news stories that say we’ve all given up our new year’s resolutions. Even if you have, it’s never too late to jump back on the wagon again. Take it from me I am on yet another fitness regime and boy does it HURT! Currently my legs are so sore that I can only walk down the stairs with them straight, and if I sit down for too long I need a crane to pull me up. What this has taught me besides the obvious that I am unfit, is that it’s not worth becoming this unfit in the future because getting fit again is a very painful slog. Though let’s face it, it’s worth it. Aside from feeling better I know from the past when I am fitter, I am happier, less tired and more able to race after the kids. Which is why I am currently doing one of those 21 day bootcamps (the type where they don’t yell at you and you have to go 3 times a week or they come to see you). The majority of women there are mums who basically haven’t had time to brush their hair, never mind exercise since having kids. The nice aspect of training with fellow mums is that they are very supportive and don’t stare at my wobbly bits. Plus as it’s not the gym there is no temptation to hang out at the coffee shop or watch Daybreak/Jeremy Kyle instead of exercise. Doing a class scenario is also a first for me. Prior to kids exercise was all about doing it on my own, and not being annoyed by others. Now I am learning there is a lot to be said for class motivation and a bit of friendly competition. And although I probably have the worst co-ordination of any known human, it doesn’t seem to matter. Did I feel nervous before going? Yes I did. I had to be practically thrown out the door on the first morning because I was worried I (1) would be the most unfit and (2) wouldn’t be able to do it. However, as my husband said – ‘Sometimes you just have to pull up your pants and just get on with it.’ So are you trying to get fit in 2013? Let us know your stories.