Give the Twins a break!

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They can't really sing, their dancing is a bit suspect, they're irritating and it's a good job there's only two of them. But I felt a bit sorry for Jedward on Saturday night. Despite their chutzpah, they're just two young boys and knowing people are booing them can't be easy. Goodness only knows how their parents must be feeling. And I'd still rather watch the Twins on the X Factor than someone safe and predictable like Lucie. The last thing we need is another Leona Lewis dominating the charts.


So I'm struggling to understand all the fuss about Simon putting the final say on Saturday's show to the public vote. If more people had voted for Lucie she would, presumably, still be in the competition. The fact she isn't proves that not enough people voted for her – which means more people want to see the Twins.

If like Cheryl the Twins are your 'guilty pleasure' (!), you may like this t-shirt from Zavvi. Maybe not to wear in public, though.

written by Liz Jarvis


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4 Responses to Give the Twins a break!

  1. clareybabble says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the twins and I do think it’s silly of anyone to enter a singing competition if you can’t sing. Having said that, I do think they’re 2 young, perhaps naive young boys who have been thrust into the limelight. Maybe I’m being naive myself by saying that I think people were booing the situation rather than the boys themselves. Simon is clearly taking the situation to his advantage as I think he knew that Lucie would go and the ratings winners would stay. There you go, I’ll shut up now and get back to ‘real life’ 😉

  2. babyrambles says:

    I love Jedward. They can’t sing but they’re entertaining. Lots of people who can’t sing auditioned for X Factor and the boys have been catapulted into the finals by the show’s producers who knew they were onto something. You can’t have twelve attractive but boring singers in the final line up and ITV know this. It’s all been well orchestrated and I’m loving every minute of it. As Heat magazine says: ‘it’s not a singing contest, it’s a popularity contest’. And since when was X Factor a serious singing contest anyway? It’s just meant to be a bit of fun. I hope the pressure doesn’t get to Jedward too much as they’re only young.

  3. Rosie Scribble says:

    They are fun to watch, more definately, and they do add some entertainment to an otherwise dull show. I’m happy they are still in, the problem is they can’t sing and it is a singing competition. So for now, it’s okay, but if they got to the final three I’d be stamping my foot and shouting at the TV screen. It was sad to see such a good singer leave on Saturday. We’ll continue this conversation in the Tweeterverse!!

  4. Sam says:

    I so can’t believe you feel that way about the lovely, gorgeous, amazingly talented Leona Lewis. I don’t know about the terrible twins, but there’s not one contestant this season can match Leona.


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