Give the Twins a break!

They can't really sing, their dancing is a bit suspect, they're irritating and it's a good job there's only two of them. But I felt a bit sorry for Jedward on Saturday night. Despite their chutzpah, they're just two young boys and knowing people are booing them can't be easy. Goodness only knows how their parents must be feeling. And I'd still rather watch the Twins on the X Factor than someone safe and predictable like Lucie. The last thing we need is another Leona Lewis dominating the charts.


So I'm struggling to understand all the fuss about Simon putting the final say on Saturday's show to the public vote. If more people had voted for Lucie she would, presumably, still be in the competition. The fact she isn't proves that not enough people voted for her – which means more people want to see the Twins.

If like Cheryl the Twins are your 'guilty pleasure' (!), you may like this t-shirt from Zavvi. Maybe not to wear in public, though.

written by Liz Jarvis