Gordon Ramsay and why you should never wash your dirty linen in public

If Gordon Ramsay really intended his ‘open letter’  to his mother-in-law to be some sort of attempt at bridge-building the family rift then I think he’s probably gone the wrong way about it.

You can only guess at his reasoning for telling the world and its wife why he sacked his father-in-law. But I’d suggest that if it was a genuine effort to reconcile then perhaps he should have written and sent that letter privately.

My grandmother used to have a saying, ‘you don’t wash your dirty linen in public’ (said in her Irish brogue). And I think she was right. That goes for the breakdown of a marriage or any relationship, in my opinion – or at least, if you’re going to write about it, do it anonymously. Because however angry you feel, how upset and hurt, however much you want everyone to be sympathetic to you, you have to remember that when there are children are involved, the chances are, at some stage they will read everything that’s written, because in the digital age, nothing is gone and forgotten.

written by Liz Jarvis